Former Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has been ordered to vacate the Beirut, Lebanon mansion in which he’s been hiding for the past 4 years. In another twist to the tale that began four years ago, Ghosn is fighting to keep and stay inside the house whose ownership is connected to his former employer Nissan. Reports suggest that the company indirectly owns the home.

A court has ruled that Ghosn has no right to stay in the Nissan-affiliated house. He has been a fugitive from Japanese authorities since he escaped that country while out on bail in 2019. According to a documentary in which Ghosn willingly participated, he managed to leave Japan unauthorised by hiding inside a large empty speaker box that had been hired specifically for this illegal purpose by people posing as musicians. Two of the people who assisted him are an American father and son duo named Michael and Peter Taylor who have since served their time in both Japan and the US.

Ghosn is yet to stand trial in Japan where he is accused of several charges, including fraud and now skipping bail. He refuses to surrender, saying he will not be given a fair trial in the land of the rising sun where he spent a great chunk of two decades running both Nissan as well as French partner Renault.

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