Aston Martin reported a loss of some £48.4 million (about R1.1 billion) on revenue of £362.1 million for quarter 3. In 2022 the company sold 6 400 cars globally, and had predicted 7 000 for this year. Unfortunately as things stand, this will now be revised downward closer to last year’s number.

Says Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of holding company Aston Martin Lagonda

“The launch of the DB12, which has seen extraordinary demand, is driving a reappraisal of Aston Martin amongst new audiences, with 55% of initial DB12 customers new to the brand and when we launch our second next generation sports car in Q1 next year, we expect a similarly resounding response. Commencing deliveries of our next generation of sports cars is a major milestone marking the beginning of a completely new line up of front engine sports cars that will reposition Aston Martin as an ultra-luxury high-performance brand, enhance our growth and bring higher levels of profitability.”

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