I took these pictures in April 2015 at the car’s launch event in Cape Town. The BMW i8 Coupe – with 275kW – was a phenomenon because it represented pioneering solutions in hybrid performance. At the time we knew Hybrids as something of a mundane, yes frugal, futuristic solution to our environmental issues. But never exciting.

Here comes BMW with the sleekest coupe you have seen since a certain Lamborghini. Wide front end, big eyes, LED headlights, lots of drama on the rear end as well with curvy panels and lights. Simultaneously those exotic scissor doors raised it to super car levels of design, though performance didn’t reflect it. Some people – myself included – felt the car should have inherited the 3.0-litre turbo engine of its time and push out at least 330kW to match those exotic looks. But perhaps it would not have been as efficient as it was. You could average around 7.5 litres per 100km and for so much power and drama, this was a low figure.

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