Chery reports that it sold 16 110 new cars in Mzansi in 2023, an average of 1 342 per month. That number was an improvement on the 8 013 cars sold in 2022. The baby Tiggo 4 Pro led the charge with 9 916 units (about 826 a month). According to Chery’s own analysis, these figures make the company the second-best seller of SUVs in Mzansi.

Since its return to the country in 2021, Chery has recorded strong sales figures. These days the brand features regularly in the top 15 for sales, outselling a number of better-known brands. This year parent company Chery South Africa is introducing a third brand (after Omoda) by the name of Jaecoo. Jaecoo produces higher-end, more premium SUVs.

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