We have seen how direct competitors like Mercedes-Benz and less direct ones, Kia and Volkswagen, creaming it in the people mover segment with their premium offerings. Well now Volvo is getting into the MPV game as well, with this new EM90. The minibus has a difference its rivals currently don’t have though; it is fully electric.

With 6 seats and ample interior space, Volvo seems to be going for the top end of that market with the EM90, meaning it will not be getting into the Mzansi minibus taxi industry for example. For now the 5.2m long people-mover is fitted only with a 200kW rear-wheel-drive (RWD) motor and a claimed range of around 740km. Some future models will have all-wheel-drive (AWD), more power and range.

While yet unconfirmed, Mzansi is definitely under consideration for the EM90 to take on locally-established diesel-powered rivals. We think it would be a great addition to the local carpark, especially with that range, which we estimate to be around 590km in real life. Road trips will never be the same again.

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