GAC Motor – the seventh Chinese automotive brand that has entered the Mzansi market – has confirmed it will be launching at least 3 of its cars here in 2024. GAC is brought to this country by the Salvador Caetano Group and is headed by Managing Director Leslie Ramsoomar. Ramsoomar has decades of managerial and executive experience in the local motor industry, having worked for companies like Nissan and Stellantis.

GAC Motor has a range of different cars covering several segments. They are entering the Mzansi market in the next few weeks with three models, two of which will be available immediately. The models in question are the following:


This is an electric SUV playing in what is considered the premium segment for GAC.


A 4.4 metre long SUV with a compact turbo engine and plenty of features


A midsized SUV with two powertrain options, including a Hybrid.

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