Renault blasted into the 1980s with the Renault 5, a rally special that was initially designed just to be a rally car, but then ended up with a hot street version of the same name. Primarily the turbo (R5 Turbo) version of the car was aimed at the successful Volkswagen Golf GTI, which was taking no prisoners in the hot hatch space.

The next chapter in the Renault 5 story has now started as the company has confirmed a brand new 5, which is going to be all-electric. These fine patent sketches show what the car will look like in its basic form when it comes to market in 2024. We don’t have powertrain details as yet, but we suspect it would carry a light battery pack capable of over 170kW of power. It looks like the hot hatch genre is far from dead. It is just getting started with electrification.

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