Stellantis – owner of the Jeep brand – is on its own path towards electrification. The company with its main bases in the US, South America and Europe has a plan for the next decade. Part of that plan is to pull Jeep into the sustainability era by letting go of its old big, powerful, loud and inefficient powertrains.

Having decided to end production of its V6 turbo diesel engine, Jeep has now turned its focus towards sustainable fuels. Already in Europe the Grand Cherokee is offered as a Hybrid, with no petrol-only option. As such, from 2028 there will no longer be any new petrol-only Jeep Wranglers sold. That model will be either fully electric or feature a range extender. A range extender is a small petrol motor that recharges the batteries in an electric car. It does not power the car itself directly.

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