JLR reported some solid financial results globally for the period April to September 2023. The company – owned by Tata of India – has had a bit of a torrid time over the past few years. But that seems to be changing now, with three star products having joined the lineup over the past three years. The Defender, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover are the three.

Revenues were £13.8 billion (about R312 billion), up 42% on the same period last year. JLR then reported pre-tax profit of £877 million (R19.8 billion). Sales came to 190 070 units, 77% of which were made up of Defender (31%), Range Rover Sport and Range Rover respectively.

JLR (remember the company is no longer called Jaguar Land Rover) is now also working with Tata to produce a common platform for electric cars. Simultaneously the company has confirmed that by 2030 it will offer full-electric versions of Defender, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. The Jaguar brand will be fully-electric by then.

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