JLR’s Land Rover brand had most of its product lines experience sales increases globally in 2023. The biggest gainer was the big Range Rover, which grew 82% over 2022 sales. It was followed by the Defender with a 65% increase, and the Range Rover Sport gaining 60% respectively. In terms of the actual sales numbers, this is how the seven products fared:

1. Defender – 110 400

2. Range Rover – 67 000

3. Range Rover Sport – 58 100

4. Evoque – 47 300

5. Discovery Sport – 30 400

6. Velar – 26 600

7. Discovery 5 – 16 800

It is quite clear that the Defender remains the top priority among buyers worldwide, clearing a gap of over 60% on the next-best seller, big Range Rover. That in itself is amazing, considering how pricey that latter car is. Range Rover Sport is currently the most exciting and really, best of the range. It combines pretty much everything one would ask for at this level of car.

The Velar is understandably on the lower end of things as one of the older models, although some updates have been effected. Lastly the controversial Discovery 5 whose odd-shaped rear end has polarised potential buyers since the first day it went on sale. With that design flaw not remedied in facelifts, buyers seem to have continued to stay away.

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