Online forum MQB-Coding has leaked the all-new Volkswagen Tiguan, which is to be introduced in Mzansi in 2024. The shape is clearly all different now; new front end (very ID.4-like), new rear end, lights, interior etc. New interior features include a steering stalk mounted gear lever and a rotary knob for the infotainment system. The latter is an interesting yet odd addition in a world that has become almost exclusively touch screen-biased. Mind you, the larger infotainment screen retains its normal touch capabilities.

The Tiguan is one of Volkswagen’s best-selling cars, with regular global annual sales of over 600 000 units. The new car will likely feature small petrol engines, as well as Hybrid power. Whether diesel will make an appearance or not is still up in the air at this stage. However, we can say that a diesel-powered Tiguan is one of the best buys in the new car market.

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