The BMW Z series started off as a fun, sporty and compact sport car brand for people who wanted sheer driving pleasure at an affordable price. Two doors, two seats, front engine, rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission was the standard. Over the years the car has grown in all directions, including price and power.

To hark back to those early days, BMW will be selling this special edition Z4 M40i Handschalter (manual switch) in selected world markets. What makes it special? Well, of course it’s the 6-speed manual transmission. Currently the Z4 does not offer this type of gear change, coming only with an 8-speed auto. The new model will be sending 250kW and 500Nm to the rear wheels as usual. Sadly there was no power bump to 285kW or beyond. However, that 250kW is still plenty, considering the size of the car.

And of sadly too, this being a manual means it’s unlikely to find its way to Mzansi. South Africans have grown tired of buying expensive manual cars, preferring the self-shifters at certain price levels. Pity.

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