Porsche’s most powerful Cayenne of all time has been detailed. Based on the new updated Cayenne, the Turbo E-Hybrid becomes the apex model in terms of performance. As a Hybrid it carries a battery – bigger than the previous model – but the car is now more powerful as well. For now we don’t have an estimated time of arrival for the updated Cayenne in Mzansi.

Unlike a fully electric vehicle which normally has its battery pack underneath the floor, the Turbo E-Hybrid keeps its one under the boot.

Here’s the new Turbo E-Hybrid:

• 4.0-litre twin turbo V8

• 25.9 kWh battery

• 544kW, 949Nm

• 0 – 100km/h: 3.5s

• Top speed: 295km/h

• Torque Vectoring Plus

• Rear wheel steering

• Dual exhaust pipes

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