BMW is creating something “Neue Klasse” cars. The assumption is that these are “new class” cars, meaning they will be designed from the ground up with newness, a different philosophy from what we are currently used to from BMW, as well as new tech.

In this spirit we see this X3-sized SUV spied here, which will be one of the first to production. Of course it’s fully electric. What is quite curious is the shape of the front grille, which looks either ship-shaped or very compact, like the older BMWs. Also, the side profile appears elongated, similar to the iX and previous-generation X2. So more wagon than hatch or SUV. We don’t know what electric architecture it will employ, but there have been hints of a general increase in power and range going forward. We also don’t know the name of the car. It could very well be the next iX3.

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