Stellantis is one of the leading manufacturers in the electric car space. The company’s brands Fiat and Peugeot are some of the best-selling in that segment, while others like Jeep and Opel are just entering. In this instance it is the Citroen brand that presents its new e-C3.

Interestingly the e-C3 name has been around for at least two years, having been introduced in places like Brazil and India. However, this one looks slightly different up front and the rear. It also gets a more powerful electric motor than the 43kW Indian version. A cheaper version of the car with about 200km of range will also be sold in Europe.

Here are some of the spec details and figures:

• 44kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery


• 0-100km/h: 11s

• Top speed: 135km/h

• Range: 320km

• 26cm touch screen

• Boot capacity: 310L

Price: equivalent of about R464 000 in Europe (R398 000 for the 200km version)

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