Porsche has reported its worldwide sales for the year 2023. The sports car company says there was a growth rate of 3% in its sales over the 2022 calendar year. That growth is represented by a total of 320 221 deliveries of new cars to all regions where the company does business. The big Cayenne remains the kingpin at Porsche, with the most sales, while the baby 718 pair is not performing according to their potential as the entry points into the brand.

Despite the continued strong showing of the Cayenne, it is great to see the iconic 911 remaining on buyers’ lists as the matriarch of the Porsche family. The fully-electric Taycan is on the rise. Here is how the models performed:

1. Cayenne – 87 553

2. Macan – 87 355

3. 911 – 50 146

4. Taycan – 40 629

5. Panamera – 34 020

6. 718 Boxster/ Cayman – 20 518

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