Suzuki Auto is hot on the tailpipes of Volkswagen Africa as far as new car sales is concerned. In February 2024 (last month) Volkswagen sold 5 333 new vehicles, including the Audi brand. Suzuki replied with a sales figure of 5 221 new cars, just 112 units behind. While the Audi brand sales are hidden within the Volkswagen Africa numbers, there is talk that Suzuki has already outsold the Volkswagen brand on its own.

Of these numbers from Suzuki, 4 488 were sold directly through the dealership network. Another stunning revelation is that the 5 221 units sold were exactly 3 units short of the company’s standing all-time record. Some analysts believe that the little Japanese brand will be outselling its German rival within the next two months here in Mzansi. That would be history-making, considering that VW has been number 2 behind Toyota for so many years.

“We will continue to refine our service offering to customers in the budget segments of the vehicle market. We know that a true budget champion is not only a vehicle with a low selling price, but one that costs less to maintain and uses less fuel,” says Henno Havenga, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Suzuki Auto South Africa.

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