The first 9 months of 2023 have been roaring for Toyota. While the international economy seems to be slowing down, this Japanese company is doing better than it did last year. So far. In total the company has sold 8 265 145 vehicles globally. Of these, 7 571 733 were branded Toyota, 592 637 had Daihatsu badges and 100 775 were Hino trucks. Lexus figures are included with the mother brand. This means the company is on track to sell over 11 million vehicles this year.

Of these numbers, 107 081 (or 1.29% of worldwide sales) were sold in Mzansi during the same period of January to September 2023, giving the local outfit a staggering 26% of market share. At this rate, Toyota South Africa Motors is on track to sell over 142 000 vehicles this year, which would be about 10 000 more than last year. Keep in mind that in 2022 the company had to deal with that natural disaster brought on by the deadly floods in KwaZulu Natal.

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