Porsche is readying the updated Taycan range for release in 2024. Three years after the car was launched internationally – including here in Mzansi – the Taycan is almost ready to tackle recent competitors, some of which have come from the most unlikely places. Like South Korea.

The brand’s first-ever electric sedan – spied here basically undisguised – is expected to receive fresh exterior and interior touches, more power in some models as well as improved range. With Tesla having released the rather uncouth Model S Plaid, Porsche has to find an answer. We think this updated model will have such an answer.

Beneath that answer will be “normal” versions, such as the S, 4S and Turbo. Changes are cosmetic of course, slightly different front and rear ends. The interior is likely to get touched by the same brush that touched the new Cayenne. Family resemblance is important. Another important bit is range. Generally hovering around the 450km mark in the current model, Porsche engineers are said to have been working on upping this. Less range anxiety equals more happy customers.

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