Volkswagen says any of its ID electric cars fitted with the 77kWh battery pack will be able to offer bi-directional charging. That means power going out of the car and into a house for example. Potentially you can then power an “average” household for two days using the car.

This is not a new idea or concept of course, but it is the first time we hear of it from the German brand. Electric car batteries can be repurposed to be used in the household as well after the car has had its life, or over 400 000km or so. They would probably be about 75% efficient then but still work as a power backup system in places with planned blackouts (load shedding), for example.

Volkswagen will be launching some ID cars in Mzansi in 2024. We wait to see which models they will be and if they are fitted with this cool tech.

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